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Say hi to Star

Who is Star you ask?

Star is ready and able to share his immense wisdom on
current trends & hot products to help promote your business.
Star will educate you on the 101 of artwork, explain industry terms,
and teach you everything you want to know about
promotional products but were afraid to ask.  
Star will answer questions like "What is camera ready art"?
and "Can you add a tag line to our logo"?
Star loves to share & educate.  He's a star of the people! 

 So how does Star know so much you ask?

Do not be deceived by Star's youthful appearance.
Star has been accumulating knowledge and
expertise as a result of being in the industry for over 25 years.  
He's looking pretty good don't your think?

Challenge Star 

What can Star can help you with?  
Is there a question that he can answer for you?

Simply email him & he will happily share his knowledge.
His email is

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